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Welcome To

Welcome to , the official web site of THE FOUNDERS.


THE FOUNDERS are an Anarchist hardcore-punk band from Philadelphia, PA. Their style is characterized by driving rhythms and in-your-face anarchist lyrics. The band was formed on July 4, 2015. THE FOUNDERS are a-political. They do not believe in or accept the polarizing Left-Right political paradigm. THE FOUNDERS know that Government is Slavery. ANY and ALL Government. Without exception. THE FOUNDERS desire an end to ALL FORMS OF SLAVERY, including the form of human slavery known as “Government,” and look forward to the day when human beings may live in a society based on voluntary interaction instead of coercion and violence.


This site will allow you to learn about the band, hear our music, read our lyrics, browse our merchandise, and stay updated about our live performances. We hope you enjoy it and check back frequently.


The Founders Release Debut E.P. – “No Masters, No Slaves”

THE FOUNDERS have released their debut recording, a 6-track E. P. entitled No Masters, No Slaves to the public as of April 8, 2017. It will be available on flash drive through What On Earth Is Happening Donation Gifts. THE FOUNDERS guarantee that no band on Earth has ever put out music with a message that is so hard-core about human Freedom and the destruction of “authority” and slavery.


Track listing:

01. The Animating Contest (Intro)
02. A Nation Of Sheep
03. Stand And Fight
04. Three Percenters
05. Wake Up
06. Kill The Masters


The E.P. was released the night of April 8th at a release party at Connie’s Ric Rac in South Philly. Thank you to everyone who attended the release show for No Masters, No Slaves. It was an overwhelmingly positive crowd and we all had a great time.